Henry's Blessing Weekend

Henry James Baby Blessing!
We headed down to Calif this past weekend for our nephew Henry's baby blessing.  It sure was a fast weekend, but well worth it.  We drove to Las Vegas (we couldn't get out of SLC on a Jetblue flight) and then flew out from there to Burbank on JB.  We brought Brady with us and he was such a help since we forgot to bring the stroller to "lock down" Harrison.  He is approaching a new stage and boy does he keep us on our toes!  It is fun, but challenging and soooo different from our girls.  It was a great weekend, one we would not have missed for anything.  We are so grateful you are here safe and sound!

We spent the weekend in the pool...even Otis (he really is amazing to watch!)

I LOVE that the girls were fearless in the water and even got up the courage to jump off the side (I guess it does help that they had water wings on).  I love that when Jacqueline did something new in the water, Jillian was coon to follow & vice versa.

Of course we oohed and aaahhhed at Henry.  He is the CUTEST little thing!!

It was a relaxing, beautiful day spent in Chad & Lauren's beautiful backyard and home.

Sunday was the blessing of course and Henry looked so handsome.  I sadly did not have my camera and didn't get to capture him before the outfit change.  I will have to get some from his mama & add them to the post when I get them.  We had a delicious luncheon and just enjoyed one another's company for the afternoon.  We then got in the car, back on the plane, then back in the car, slept in St. George & woke up crack of dawn to get home to get the kids to school and start our work week.  It was a shotgun weekend, but oh so worth it and so much fun.  What a great time together, we missed our other Willard family members though.

Preparing the food and enjoying a nice dinner on the patio.

Playing with the little man.