Harrison's Blessing Day

Thank you to my family who helped make all the yummy food and serve it to all of us. Nate & Amanda stayed there cooking until every last drop was gone. Thanks guys, it was yummy!!


Family Reunion 2008---Lake Gregory, CA

We had our 1st annual Parry & Linda Willard family reunion last week. It was s o much fun & I am glad we are going to make this a annual tradition. It is fun to get the brothers together, let them be their wild competitive fun selves, and then see the our sister in laws and just chit chat and relax. Not to mention having grandpa & grandma there to just fuss over the kids. The cousins played so well, and Chad & Lauren brought Otis & Mia and they were as perfect as ever as well. Fun memories were made and good times had.

Lake Gregory. This was such a great lake for families and an easy going, relaxing time.

The alligator flashlight was a hit, the girls loved pretending it was eating them. Silly girls!!