Thanksgiving 2009

We had the opportunity this year to go to St. George for Thanksgiving and celebrate Willard style! It was so much fun!  There were so many fun activities and things that we experienced for the first time together.  So, that said there are a zillion pictures to scroll through.

Thanksgiving Feast
While all of that is going on, the kids have a lot of time to play & catch up with their cousins, we are talking 1st, 2nd & some 3rd cousins too.  Grandpa & Grandma Willard have such a big family that you can imagine all the kids there.  This was the first year without them since their passing.  It was fun to hear stories about them that night that their kids told.  They have left an amazing legacy!

Then we ate & it was good!

The next day was full of fun family activities, a new adventure and traditions.
The Park 

Grandpa & Grandma took the girls to see the dinosaur track in St. George while we were there.  The girls LOVE dinosaurs still & though they would have LOVED to keep on coloring & drawing dinosaurs all afternoon, they did enjoy seeing those tracks and digging for fossils.  Thanks Grandpa & Grandma, Jeff & I thought it was pretty cool too.

This picture just makes me laugh thinking about it.  While Brady was digging with the girls Jillian found this "fossil" and will the most serious of tones & faces said to me & grandma, "I think, I think, I think, I think I found a dinosaur toe nail mommy!"  HILARIOUS!!!  I can see where it may look like a dinosaur toe nail.

Temple Lighting Ceremony
That night for an activity we met at the St. George Temple for their Christmas Lighting Ceremony.  We met up with Jeff's parents right after they turned on the lights.  We missed the devotional they had, but it was still fun to walk around as a family and take in the beauty & begin the holiday season with what it is all about.

Why is it SO hard to get a good, smiley picture these days with all 3 of them?  I mean, I am asking for good, not great!!  =)

That just about wrapped up our Willard family reunion.  That night though we did enjoy a delicious Canoli dinner made by Uncle Bob & Aunt Karen & family, yummy!!  It was a fabulous weekend.  Here are some last Misc. pics from the weekend.

Uncle Brady & Jilly

Jilly with Uncle Chad & Aunt Lauren

Those Willards sure know how to have fun! 

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